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Careering, Yes … it’s a Verb

RadicalCareering-myCopyThe term Careering came from Sally hogshead’s book Radical Careering, one of my favorite little career book.

Here is an excerpt from an interview/podcast from total picture radio:
“Careering … when you think of it like a verb, it shift the way you interact of a career … your career is no longer a thing that is static … It is constantly moving and evolving”

Most of us, gen X & Y, are not going to stay in 1 role or even 1 company for more than 10 years. Our career will probably morph as time goes on. We should take a proactive stance to manage how we grow in every moment of our careers. It doesn’t mean to job hop … You can take projects & responsibilities to gain skills & knowledge to move towards your goals.

This is what careering is about.
Have you been careering or settle with the 1st thing that comes by?

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