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A Good Lesson: Introduce, Show & Summarize

With a couple of post about why to teach, it’s about time to show how to teach. I got this method from doing a good presentation. To get anyone to remember a lesson, you must Introduce, Show & Summarize.

1. Introduce: Tell them what you are going to them
A good intro get the listener to pay attention (even kids). Usually it takes 2-3 sentences to get your audience interested or something that your audience would be able to relating to. With any complex ideas, make sure to take your time to make the idea to be relate-able.

2. Show: To explain & show what to do
This is what we usually do when teaching, mentoring or presenting … drawings help.

3. Summarize: Tell them what told them
Just give a direct overall summary of the idea or process. (For presentations, 1 slide is enough for this.) This is for everyone to “make sure” they understand. Remember, this is to get a sense of understanding of your idea by your audience & not making anyone feel dumb. Plus, this part is also allow Q&A, so nothing falls through the gap.

Although the explanation step is what we usually do when teach. Although step 1 & 3 are as important. Even though this might take 1/4 more time … Done well, this will save you another trip. If the listener is surprised from what you are about to say … how are they going to remember lesson? So introduce it, show it, then them what you told them.

You only need one good lesson to learn something.

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