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Embracing Silly Errors

When teaching math, I find the error made are usually silly rather than the new or difficult parts. Ones that comes from copying the question wrong or they add instead of subtracting. Often times this would ripple into a different results than expected.

To provide an impact, I often let the error ride through the problem & ask them to find the turning point. (Many times the results are interesting)

Luckily there is no correct way to live, lead or work through careers. When you look back, you will find the different decisions or non-decision steer you to where you are at right now. You know when you take a wrong turn to a restuarant; Instead of an illegal U-turn, you can continue driving and park at an restuarant that catches your eye & try something new. It might just become your favorite new restuarant.

You can always gain something from errors that happens in life, the tricky part is to embrace it.(not ignoring it)

Next time when you realized an old error occured. Acknowledge it, then let ride and see the outcome … at the very least you will learn something from it.

Caution: Evaluate the impact before deciding this approach (please include emotional impact of others as well) if results are too risky, then take some corrective actions immediately.

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