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Breaking the Curse of Knowledge

SwordStoneFor the last 2 post, we discussed about curse of knowledge. This curse has lead to serious confusion, bad pitches & fail at driving interest.

The 3 cause of the curse of knowledge could be:
1. Hearing, not listening
2. Missing info
3. Bad assumptions
(Assuming something is common knowledge)

To recognize the curse is happening:
– Listen
– Read Facial expression
– Are they bored, confusion or just not paying attention
– Looking for reaction
To break the situation here are some ways I have gain successful with:

Ask Leading Questions
You can ask questions that you know the answer to:
1. Gauge the others’ knowledge level
2. Provide clarification to others minimal interruptions
3. Show their contraction

Clarifying Questions
This could be trick without looking dumb, but if everyone else is confused then you get a chance to clearing things out & having a new chance to sell the idea again (instead getting ignored)

Statement it in Your Own Terms
It starts with “So what you mean is …”; This might drive the other person crazy, it creates an atmosphere of clarifications

Recognize & State the Situation is Occurring
Just by stating it, this will show everyone is just confused; it builds a common connection while laughing; This also give you a new start with people you have bonded with
The curse of knowledge drives also of wasted time, money & failed pitches. These last 3 posts was to shine a spotlight of this issue; If we can lessen confusions, we just might be able to eliminate bad specification/pitches, multiple change requests after the fact or extended meeting … and that would be great.

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