About Ian Tang

About Me
Name: Ian Tang

Some Info
Here is a little bit about myself:
– Living in Toronto … Richmond Hill to be precise
– Part-time teaching for 10 years
– Enjoys listening to podcasts & continuously learning
– Academic major in:
Economics, Marketing, e-Business, Software Engineering & Project Management
– Career in improving business/enterprise systems

Why me? Why Teach … Lead … Careering?
I have been teaching k-12 for 10 years math in a part-time basis. Yes, I never left my first job, just because it’s fun to teach people who are willing to learn.

When I start working in an office fulltime, I was able to apply skills picked from teaching… actually, I have been able to use it to learn, teach, coordinating & network..
This allowed me to start careering over multiple roles in a few industries without job hopping.

Through these opportunities, I was able to lead in different positions inside various projects. Again, the things I have been learning from teaching, gives me a better insight in coordinating, managing & leading.

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