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Motivation: Getting Back Up & Running

September 28, 2009 Leave a comment

WakeUp-CatLike a really good night sleep, where you want to just stay in bed for hours. After coming back from a relaxing vacation, I find myself just can’t seem to get back into the same flow. (This could be a good thing if you can get rid of a bad habit, like being a workaholic)

On regular trips, I can recover & get back to things pretty quickly. Although this time, i couldn’t … especially on this blog. It took a week to get most of my core schedule back on track, like Work Schedule, Excerising, Waking up on time… & the 2nd for the other schedule such as this blog. To pull myself back on track, I had to realign several elements of my motivation:

Mindset: Brainstorm some new ideas & make notes … just try to get excited about the project/job/work

Goals: Reminding myself the purpose & revisit the vision/mission/mantra (Update if needed)

Focus: Setting a schedule/time & reschedule when needed, this is to create a sense of urgency.

Environment: Place myself & laptop in a coffee shop without wifi

It took me several tries in both weeks to not get distracted before I was able start writing again.
Do you have a project you are worked on that almost got dropped off? What did you do to get back on track?

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Learning: Building Confidence is Key

August 11, 2009 Leave a comment

ridebikeLast weekend, I was teaching two grade 4 students about long division. It was one of their first time learning it, so of course there were mistakes every try.

One thing I learnt was people learning new things set their impression of being good/bad at something very easily.

Steps to learn new things:
1. Never say the word ‘wrong’ … use a positive tone

2. De-emphasis the importance of making mistakes
    (Never make them feel bad for trying)

3. Giving them permission/encouragement to try again

4. Joke & have fun

5. Complement of small success … builds confidence

6. Let go

Just like learning to ride a bike or skating, it might take a bit of time to start, but once the confidence of not falling is gone … the learning speeds up + the fun begins.

This works on adults as much as kids; in my day time job, sometimes I would teach the IT system we are implementing to new team members. Depending on their confidence level, I had applied the above method & it works. With confidence, it takes people 2-3 days to learn 1+ week worth of material.

At the end, the students did their long division on their own & was pretty happy getting a 90-something on their short quiz.

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Embracing Silly Errors

July 21, 2009 Leave a comment

When teaching math, I find the error made are usually silly rather than the new or difficult parts. Ones that comes from copying the question wrong or they add instead of subtracting. Often times this would ripple into a different results than expected.

To provide an impact, I often let the error ride through the problem & ask them to find the turning point. (Many times the results are interesting)

Luckily there is no correct way to live, lead or work through careers. When you look back, you will find the different decisions or non-decision steer you to where you are at right now. You know when you take a wrong turn to a restuarant; Instead of an illegal U-turn, you can continue driving and park at an restuarant that catches your eye & try something new. It might just become your favorite new restuarant.

You can always gain something from errors that happens in life, the tricky part is to embrace it.(not ignoring it)

Next time when you realized an old error occured. Acknowledge it, then let ride and see the outcome … at the very least you will learn something from it.

Caution: Evaluate the impact before deciding this approach (please include emotional impact of others as well) if results are too risky, then take some corrective actions immediately.

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Learning: Creating the Dots

July 12, 2009 Leave a comment

As a followup to the “Connecting the Dots” post, someone ask what do you mean by dots?

The ‘dots’ are something you will do or have done that gives you unique experiences.

waterRaftingHow? … Try something new!
When you try something new, you will:
– learn something from it
– get to meet new people/network
– have some fun
– do something worth remembering (no matter it was good, bad or ugly)

These dots are the part of your life that can & will generate future opportunity or serendipity. I’m pretty sure anyone of you can think of at least one relatable scenario … those scenarios were created by these dots.

Of course when do something new, you will be able to teach it, lead it and gain new skills from it for careering.

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Learning: Stepping Toward Your Next Skill Sets

June 5, 2009 Leave a comment

CrawlingBabyAs babies we learn to eat, crawl, walk, talk … then we go to school to learn more…then we go to work and learn some more. It’s human nature to keep learning, so it’s no surprise most if not all skills are learned.

To be honest, most skill can’t be learnt by a course or 2. So most learning is a process of drip…drip…drip from challenging ourselves. Example: Do a math problem, reading Shakespeare or starting a your own company.

Teaching, mentoring & leadership skill can & are nuture in companies or just life. (especially from parenting)

This post is a reminder, any skills you want takes time & experience. If you want to gain teaching, leadership & careering skill, start taking your steps into a journey to gain these skill … start take your next step now!

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