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Lead: Gaining Leadership skills

May 19, 2009 2 comments

Leadership_AwardLeadership skill are often list in any job posting; but when it comes learning it, we can’t just take a class & say we have leadership skills.

Like many skills such as writing, math, exercising, playing the piano or industry experience … Leadership skills need practice & gradually growth.

If you want to gain leadership skills, there are many place you can to start. These are some suggestions:

1. Volunteering
With so many tasks to do, you are force to take charge in completing some of the task. This will give you a chance to gain coordination skills.

2. Assoications or Communities
Having a role in associations & communities will give you responsibilities you don’t usually get. Many times you will need to request for help to complete these responsibiliies. Know how to requesting effectively is a fundamental for leading.

3. Teach
With no surprise … this is another way, teaching is a way to guide others to a specific goal. You can teach one-on-one or one-to-many, in the end, the goal is to lead people to learn particular processes or information.

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