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Teach: Being Better at Work

May 12, 2009 Leave a comment

teach_shadowHaving been a teacher before going into university, I learned alot from teaching. When I started working full-time, I have taken as many opportunities to teach others as much as possible.

This is what I gained through teaching at work:

1. Better interal networks
When you teach others on things that save them time, others will show gratitude, trust and deeper connection. When you help enough people to save their time … you will have a vast network that will help you when you need it.

2. Better communicator
This one is simple, when you guide & explain more; The better you are at explaining & guiding

3. Better learner
If you teach others a lot, you will naturally keep on learning; so you can teach others. Also you will get to know how to be better at what’s the best way to learn for yourself.

Of course there more, much much more teaching can teach us. These are 3 interesting one I want to start off with.

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