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Wow! A Decade has Already Passed in the Millennium?

In 10 days, we will be entering a new decade; It felt like a blink since the new millennium began & here we are 10 years later. To be honest, personally I thought nothing much happened … then I took a look at how the world changed.

In the last decade, we have seen:

  • the first black US President in the White house
  • how the world unite to help the Tsunami in one end of the world
  • the empower of public voice through multiple web innovation
  • every other business model being changed through the web (Newspaper, advertising, book publishing, globalization of business)
  • the improvement in standard of living in many countries through globalization
  • power of 1 individual bringing Apple back to life & became the most respected company
  • no more film for cameras
  • the ability to reconnect with people I met 10, 20 years ago through facebook

Wow! That’s pretty impressive for the world within a decade.

Now when I look back at my last 10 years, it was interesting but I was hoping for more 10 years ago back in my college days. While writing this, it really feels time is running much much faster then I am. (I know, I know, it’s not what you did, but it’s about what you going to do)

As we get older, we find out:

“It’s not about how much time you have, it’s how you do with it.”

To take my first to achieve more in the next decade, here I will declare my 10 year look-forward:
– Being in a leadership role in a business organization
– Travel to a few countries in Europe and asia, plus at least 1 place per year
– Experience a full-time MBA program
– Mentor at least 3 person & being mentored by 3 persons
– Own a house/apartment with my own family

Making my memoirs worth reading

So … What’s your life projection in the next decade?

P.S.: I still can’t believe I can access any info any second in the palm of my hand

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