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Will You Accept an Adequate Career?

500 DoSJust saw the movie (500) days of summer again and still loved the film. This time around, I also admire his job vs his career passion. (Don’t worry, I am not spoiling the key plot about a boy meets girl story)

The main character Tom began the movie working at greeting card company; he was pretty good at it. Although he studied architecture & we see hints of passion for it.

At first we see him working adequately glad for his job of 4 years. To him it was a job that he could find after college to pay for expenses. Slowly we see him moved to a position that leads to a outburst. After quiting, he started to work hard for his passion of architecture.

Questions: Can you imagine that happening to you?

What will you go for after the outburst?
– Begging for the job back
– Look for another similar job using your work strength/experience
– Search for your true passion & work to it
– Fore go the money & go for your current dreams/passions

The interesting thing I saw was that after a few year of taking a regular job; He had saved up and he could negate his reason for taking his old job (expenses) & go for his passion.

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